Since 2000, Ottawa Archbishop Marcel Gervais has expressed his opinion on a variety of faith topics. These texts were initially published in the "Ask the Religion Experts" column which appears every Saturday in The Ottawa Citizen. As of June 2005, Msgr. Patrick Powers, Vicar General, will be taking on the responsibility of the weekly articles.

December 2, 2022 As China opens to the rest of the world, how are you reaching out to members your faith group there?
July 26, 2022 Do the faithful in your group dress in a particular way to express their religion? (i.e. Hajibs, yarmelukes) What is the significance of each item of dress?
July 19, 2022 Hindus are very upset about the new movie Love Guru. Has your faith group had similar difficulties with popular films or books?
July 12, 2022 How has the internet affected your faith group? (i.e. Has it brought them closer together, or divided them into ideological subgroups?
July 5, 2022 Does your faith consider obesity a moral problem? Is it imperative to eat moderately and exercise?
June 28, 2022 Do you think the U.S. Government was right to remove children from the olygamous Mormons in Texas?
June 21, 2022 Are your parishioner numbers growing or dwindling, and is that a concern?
June 14, 2022 Many western Christian churches have increasingly become aimed at meeting the needs of women and children. What, if anything, is your church/religion doing to attract and keep men coming to your church?
June 7, 2022 What does your religion have to say about marriage to someone outside your faith?
May 31, 2022 What is your parishioners' greatest concern in their faith?
May 24, 2022 If an intelligent life form with free will was found elsewhere in the universe, how would that impact your faith group? (i.e. would it change your theology?)
May 17, 2022 Do you think Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is right to ban the Lord's Prayer from the beginning of the legislature each day? Should there be a moment of silence so everyone can say the prayers of their own faith instead?
May 10, 2022 Why does denial of our appetites play such a large role in every faith?
May 3, 2022 Is there a spiritual dimension to prolonged physical pain?
April 26, 2022 How does your faith group view guilt?
April 19, 2022 Should companies or individuals have the right to own land or any natural resource forever? As part of the earth, doesn't it belong to everybody?
April 12, 2022 What role does food and drink play in your worship services? What is it meant to represent?
April 5, 2022 Is your house of worship open to the public at all times?
March 29, 2022 Does your faith group believe sacred visions are still happening in modern times? Can anyone have them and what should they make of them?
March 15, 2022 In reading sacred scriptures, it seems religious figures want to challenge our complacency. So why do so many churches settle for mere respectability?
March 8, 2022 If a parishioner asked whether it is goes against God's will to have a face lift or breast augmentation, how would you reply?
March 1, 2022 Are you obligated to tell police if someone confides to you that they committed a serious crime?
February 23, 2022 When you meet clergy of your own faith, how do you greet each other and what is this greeting meant to signify? How would you greet other religious, such as the dalai lama?
February 16, 2022 What does your faith group teach about heaven? Will we see our loved ones there?
February 9, 2022 What is your faith's position on tattoos and piercings?
February 2, 2022 Recent books have said that the idea of God causes more harm than good and that atheism is the morally superior choice. How woud you answer these authors?
January 26, 2022 Do you think a researcher who has come up with a new life form should be able to patent it?
January 19, 2022 Are the congregations in your faith becoming more and more female? Are men reluctant to attend services? Why do you think that is?
December 15, 2007 What spiritual gift would you most like to give this year and to whom? What would you like to receive?
December 8, 2007 How does your faith group handle sex education?
December 1, 2007 If God is everywhere, what is the point of sacred areas like the altar in a house of worship?
November 24, 2007 Does your faith have saints?
November 17, 2007 Is it wrong to withhold taxes to protest expenses on things like military weapons?
November 03, 2007 What is the significance of the sabbath for your faith?
October 27, 2007 With people living longer these days how can families treat their elders with respect even though they may be getting ill tempered or confused.
October 20, 2007 What is your faith group's position on the number of children couples should have? Has this changed in recent years as the population ages, especially in North America?
October 13, 2007 What do you make of people who say they are spiritual but not religious?
October 6, 2007 You support a group of peace activists who lobby against Canadian involvement in Afghanistan. Then they ask you to run for political office. Do you accept?
September 29, 2007 A young soldier has been asked to torture a prisoner believed to have knowledge of an imminent, massive attack on Canadian soil. If you were a military chaplain, what guidance could you offer the young man when he comes to you with moral doubts about this?
September 22, 2007 Several members of your congregation have complained that young, healthy panhandlers are targeting them as they come out from weekly service. What do you do?
September 15, 2007 Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has indicated that he will fight the upcoming election largely on the issue of funding for faith-based schools. What is your view on the issue of funding for faith based schools?
September 8, 2007 Documents in the Vatican's files on Mother Teresa indicate she began to struggle with her belief in God at about the same time she began to care for the the downtrodden in Calcutta. A new book by Mother Teresa's postulator reveals many letters she reportedly wanted to destroy. "Lord, my God, you have thrown (me) away as unwanted -- unloved," she wrote. "I call, I cling, I want, and there is no one to answer, no, no one." How do you react to this crisis of faith experienced by Mother Teresa?
September 1, 2007 A wife asks you what she should do about her husband's boss who makes racist jokes at every gathering. Her husband has asked her to continue attending these frequent functions but not to say anything to the boss. What should she do?
December 25, 2007 If a person commits suicide, are they guilty of sin? Or has society, particularly their faith community, failed in some way?
December 18, 2007 What single book or magazine should people read to find out more about your faith?
December 11, 2007 Which three people would you say have been the most important spiritual leaders in Canada? (Can include deceased).
December 4, 2007 Parents come to you distraught because their teenage child has dropped the family faith for shamanism or wicca. What do you say to the child?
July 28, 207 What do you make of movies like Evan Almighty that make light of religious themes and stories?
July 21, 2007 What is your opinion of archeologists and scientists looking into the historical accuracy of Jesus, Mohammed, or other holy figures?
July 14, 2007 In your faith, is there a heaven and hell, a limbo and purgatory? Are they real places or states of mind?
June 23, 2007 What is the importance of symbolism in your weekly rituals and liturgy? Are fewer people responding to it?
June 16, 2007 What is your faith's view of sin? Is it a single reprehensible act, or a pattern of behaviours that take us away from our fullest selves?
June 9, 2007 Is your faith centered primarily in the church, the home, or in the individual?
May 26, 2007 Should animals have a bill of rights written into law?
May 19, 2007 Parishioners go to the their clergyman to confess sins and talk out problems. But who does the clergy go to?
May 12, 2007 How does music connect us with God? Why are some forms inappropriate in some churches while others accept them?
May 5, 2007 What religion would you choose to embrace, other than the one that you presently adhere to?
April 28, 2007 Does your faith group allow visitors to participate fully in your services, i.e. take communion or pray together? If not, why not?
April 21, 2007 In your faith, what does it mean to worship God?
April 14, 2007 What is your faith's position on stem cell research?
April 7, 2007 Recently a filmmaker claimed he might have found Jesus's tomb, as well as his that of his "wife" and "son", Mary Magdalene and Judah.
If his bones were ever really found, do you think it would undermine the Christian faith?
March 31, 2007 What would you advise a follower if he said he had to cheat at school or work because everyone else was doing the same thing?
March 24, 2007 Should governments be allowed to ban outward expressions of faith like chadors or yarmulkes?
March 17, 2007 What is the single most important ethical precept in your faith?
March 10, 2007 How important is "being happy" in your theology? How is it different from joy?
February 24, 2007 Does your faith group preach that some diseases can be miraculously cured?
February 17, 2007 Scientists tell us that the sun has a finite life and will eventually destroy our earth in a fiery inferno. Does your religion believe this prediction, and if so, does your religion believe that God will intervene to save mankind?
February 10, 2007 If closeness to God is so wonderful, why does goodness seem so dull?
February 3, 2007 Ottawa will host an international conference of military chaplains soon. Does your faith group have any military chaplains? How do you square the circle between the ultimate goal of peace and ministering to the men and women who go to war?
January 27, 2007 What is our moral obligation to friends we just don't like anymore?
January 20, 2007 What is your religion's point of view on cosmetic surgery?
January 13, 2007 What is your religion's most significant work of art and why?
January 6, 2007 What does your religion have to say about global warming and mankind's moral duty to the environment?
December 23, 2006 During the frantic holiday season, what steps can people take to stay focused on their faith and spirituality?
December 16, 2006 Does your faith have a mystical side (speaking in tongues, Kabballah, Sufism, for instance)? Can anyone practise it?
December 9, 2006 Do you encourage your congregation to be blood donors?
December 2, 2006 Does the devil walk among us and how can we tell?
November 25, 2006 How do you minister to people who were once faithful but now are not so sure?
November 11, 2006 How does your faith conceive of hell? Is it a place? A state of mind? Will bad people really go there forever?
November 4, 2006 How should religiously-slanted theories such as creationism be handled in public schools?
October 21, 2006 How do you respond to or to people who say religion causes more harm than good?
October 14, 2006 In your faith group, who writes the prayers? Are they all ancient, or still being written today?
October 7, 2006 How does your faith group collect money from the faithful and what is meant to cover? Does your church have other sources of income, such as investments? Can anyone ask to see the books?
September 30, 2006 Skeptics often accuse church members, especially clergy, of being hypocrits who are no more successful than anyone else in living a good, moral life, and in fact, stumbling in more spectacular, public ways. How do you respond?
September 23, 2006 What does your faith believe about the end of the world and what will happen to the faithful? What is the Rapture?
September 16, 2006 Does your faith see evangelism or spreading the word of God to non-believers as part of its duty? What is your opinion of other faiths trying to convert your members, i.e. Christian missionaries appealing to Jews or Muslims?
December 26, 2006 Why is it important to be a virgin before marriage? In your faith group, is it equally important for a man to be a virgin?
December 18, 2006 Some faiths frown on any kind of dancing as something to be ashamed of; others incorporate it in their worship. what does your faith say about expressing worship through movement?
December 5, 2006 When we pray, how can we know it is God that is answering us, and not our own emotions or ego?
July 29, 2006 Is clergy allowed to marry in your tradition and if so why, or why not?
July 22, 2006 In scripture, God seems to talk directly to man quite often; why is He silent in modern times?
July 15, 2006 Is the devil real?
June 24, 2006 If you had one message to impart throughout your ministry what would it be?
June 17, 2006 What is more important, love or wisdom, and why?
June 10, 2006 Why is female modesty important in your faith? Is it more important for women to be modest than men and if so, why?
June 3, 2006 A neuroscientist in Quebec has conducted experiments on nuns to see if he can capture the experience of being at one with God. What are the pros and cons of such an endeavor?
May 27, 2006 What is the most sacred site in the world for your faith group and why?
May 20, 2006 Every faith has a number of set formats for worship. What is the role of such ceremony in our relationship to God?
May 13, 2006 Do miracles really happen? If so, what do they mean?
May 6, 2006 Why do you think the Da Vinci code had spurred so much public reaction?
April 29, 2006 What is your faith group's view on evolution and intelligent design?
April 22, 2006 What would constitute a "just" war?
April 8, 2006 If Christ's resurrection saved us, why aren't we all in heaven? Or hell? Didn't He defeat evil and death forever? What is your faith group's view of salvation and how humans can reach it?
April 1, 2006 Why do we hear so much about forgiveness and so little about repentence or atonement?
March 18, 2006 Recently, it has been suggested that Canada should adopt a policy of "presumed consent" for organ donations. Instead of signing a card opting in to organ donation, people would have to indicate they did not want their organs donated. Anyone who signed nothing would be presumed to consent to donating in the event of an accident or other circumstance in which they could not give verbal consent. What is your faith group's point of view on this and on organ donations in general?
March 11, 2006 If God is all loving and all powerful, why did He make it necessary that his Son die such a terrible death?
March 3, 2006 The Ontario government recently banned all forms of religious arbitration in family matters, including Shariah law. What are the pros and cons of this decision? Could it not be argued that the Canadian law is derived from Christian precepts?
February 25, 2006 As Lent begins this week, some Christians fast or give up certain foods or pleasures, recalling that Christ withdrew to the desert where He fasted for 40 days. Does your faith group practise fasting and, if so, why? How does it bring us closer to God?
February 11, 2006 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently dedicated the site for a new, 250,000-square-foot church history library. Mormons say they are required by church teaching to keep a carefully documented record of church activities and events, and the church has always employed the services of at least one full-time historian. Does your faith group encourage individuals to protect your faith's history and if so, how?
February 4, 2006 A recent Citizen story reported that an American bishop had said priests must deliver better sermons in order to keep Catholics from turning to other sources of spiritual inspiration. What does your faith group do to keep people listening?
January 28, 2006 What is your stance towards church sanctuary, which is illegal in Canada, although commonly practiced and observed?
January 21, 2006 A growing number of evangelical Christians are running for office in this election, and various church groups are working together to influence public policy. What are the advantages and dangers to the churches and to society at large of candidates running for office primarily on the basis of their faith?
January 14, 2006 How does your faith look upon couples who deliberately choose not to have children?
January 7, 2006 How can your religion help someone overcome fear?
December 31, 2005 Often God gets credited for the good things. Should God also take the blame for the bad?
December 17, 2005 How can we justify killing innocent people in war?
December 10, 2005 What was your reaction to the decision by town councillors in Oxford, Nova Scotia to make the month of December the Christmas season and to decree that no other name be used to describe it?
December 3, 2005 Can adherents to your faith find God on the Internet or do they need to attend religious services and receive help from others?
November 26, 2005 What does your faith teach on how human beings came to be on earth ? Does the entire human race descend from an Adam and Eve couple or were others also created?
November 12, 2005 How did you personally respond to news reports that a man was escorted off a VIA Rail train because he was wearing a kirpan, a ceremonial sword considered by Sikhs to be a requirement of religious faith?
November 5, 2005 Religion has long motivated people to do horrible deeds, often to members of other faiths. Why is there sometimes this dark side of religion?
October 29, 2005 We are in an era where people think they participate with the outside world through watching TV or typing out e-mail messages. How important is it for religion to promote participation in the larger world?
October 22, 2005 The personal faiths of candidates for offices in the U.S.A. often become a public issue, such as the pressure put on John F. Kennedy to convince voters his Catholicism would not dictate his policies as president. What part, if any, should or does religion play in Canadian elections.?
October 15, 2005 A religion cannot thrive without members' conviction that certain things they believe are absolutely true. How can religions maintain this internal absolutism without radiating intolerance out in society?
October 8, 2005 A recent story in the Ottawa Citizen about the devastation caused by monster hurricanes in the southern United States has provoked claims that immorality in the United States is to blame and the hurricanes are devine punishment for Americans' alleged sins. What do you think of the view that natural disasters are God's punishment?
October 1, 2005 What help, whether it's practical or simply encouragement, can your faith offer with real-life problems, such as the loss of a job, or an elderly parent becomes a dependent because of a stroke?
September 24, 2005 A recent poll by Associated Press and Ipsos, two-thirds of Canadians said religion is important to them. Yet only 40 per cent said they attend services as often as once a month. What do Canadians mean when they say religion is important?
September 10, 2005 Meditation has long been a practice common to many faiths, is newly popular in many churches, and attracts Canadians to lectures by Buddhists and other teachers. What makes meditation so popular now?
September 3, 2005 Why have you devoted your time and energy to helping others practise their faith?
December 27, 2005 If Harvard University is successful in its current quest to prove that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is correct and that life originated because of a series of natural events that could have taken place without divine intervention, how would that affect your faith?
December 20, 2005 Research by Reg Bibby, a leading sociologist of religion, suggests the majority of Canadians identify themselves with a religious group, and would be receptive to greater involvement if faith groups touched their lives and were worth investing their time and resources. What can faith groups do to bring in these outsiders?
December 13, 2005 How can we turn the difficulties in our lives into spiritual victories?
December 6, 2005 Seven in ten Canadians say religious leaders should NOT try to influence government decisions. Do you agree?
July 30, 2005 How should parents present their faith to their children in order to influence their lives for the better?
July 23, 2005 Why have religious faiths in Canada remained silent on enabling children to have meaningful contact with both parents through the concept of "shared parenting" in cases of divorce or separation?
July 16, 2005 Recently a Toronto fashion event used models dressed as Hindu deities. How does your faith group feel about their religious symbols being appropriated and used in advertising?
July 9, 2005 What part does faith play in physical healing?
July 2, 2005 Karl Marx Called Religion"the opium of the masses". What benefit does religion provide in Canada?
June 18, 2005 What does your faith teach about tithing or other support for the meeting places and teachers of the faith?
June 11, 2005 How do women and men differ spiritually?
June 4, 2005 How would you rate the moral strength of our nation?
May 28th, 2005 What gives your religious community a sense of identity and unity?
May 21st, 2005 Abstinence from sex is being promoted in Africa as a way to combat aids. What other benefits are there to abstinence before marriage?
May 14th, 2005 What does your religion say about the struggle between the emotional response of the Heart and the cautious Mind? Does it have guidelines on how to reach a decision?
May 7th, 2005 Does modern science make religion unnecessary?
April 30th, 2005 What about the late Pope John Paul II is it that you would most like his successor to perpetuate?
April 23, 2005 Life is short, so is it all right to enjoy it as long as you dont hurt others?
April 16, 2005 Why is it that only some believers have an experience with the divine that changes their lives?
April 2, 2005 What does your faith teach about how we are spiritually transformed as we die?
March 26, 2005 What does your faith prescribe as the road to peace with God?
March 12, 2005 Why dont the leaders of your respective faiths convene a series of meetings specifically to initiate a movement towards world peace?
March 5, 2005 Too often after some disaster, I read someone quoted as saying "God took him/ her home." or "God needed him / her in heaven." Why shouldn't the evil one be given the blame?
February 26, 2005 How does your faith group view Ontarios policy of placing one faith group into a position of privilege over all others through the funding of its school system?
February 19, 2005 Exactly what constitutes a Christian cult? The mother and seven young children who died in a fire in the Niagara region belonged to the Christian Fellowship Church, which the internet article described as a cult. Dont they believe what other Christians believe? Are cults dangerous to individuals drawn into them, and to the larger Christian faith?
February 12, 2005 Why is the world so lacking in love?
February 6, 2005 What is your faith groups opinion of same-sex marriage?
January 29, 2005 Why do so many religious leaders suffer for their faith?
January 22, 2005 Should we bring faith into the workplace? If so, how should it be done?
January 15, 2005 How can we find spiritual peace?
December 24, 2004 All religions claim to speak the truth, but they have great differences in their view of reality. Is there such a thing as ultimate truth?
December 18, 2004 What are the basic visual identifiers of your religion and their importance to the practice of your faith?
December 11, 2004 What does your faith say about consigning one's remains to a medical school for use in the study of anatomy?
December 4, 2004 How should those who claim the truth approach others they consider in error? And how do you feel about talking to people about the merits of your faith position?
November 27, 2004 What is your perspective on the terror caused by Islamic fundamentalists among Muslim clerics and their followers?
November 20, 2004 Aside from Biblical or scriptural quotations, what does your religion say about life after earthly death?
November 13, 2004 Recently, some opposed the establishment of a methadone clinic in their building. What does your faith teach about substance abuse and should society help those dealing with various addictions?
November 6, 2004 It was recently reported that a devil-worshipping non-commissioned officer of the Royal Navy has become the first registered Satanist in the British forces. Is this taking the concept of multi-faith acceptance too far? And would you support the Canadian Navy taking such action?
October 29, 2004 Does your religion have theological or other objections to the celebration of Halloween?
October 23, 2004 Some religious celebrations are quite elaborate, others not. What importance does your faith group afford collective manifestations of religious life?
October 16, 2004 How can you call God a loving God when he knows the pain and suffering to be created by hurricanes, floods and diseases that he either creates or allows?
October 9, 2004 We often hear the term final judgment. How does your faith group view God as a judge over mankind?
October 2, 2004 Do all sins have the same weight or does your faith group categorize sin?
September 25, 2004 How should we pray and is prayer still relevant today?
September 18, 2004 Every new census seems to bring an ever-increasing number of Canadians who claim to be agnostic or non-religious. How do you explain this?
September 11, 2004 Some faiths encompass elements of divination and magic. What does your faith group believe about these matters?
September 4, 2004 How are leaders selected in your faith group? How do these practices reflect your faith group's teaching?
December 28, 2004 What role do blessings play in your faith group?
December 21, 2004 If one has sinned, how does one reconcile himself with God?
Augut 14, 2004 In an age of greater sexual freedom, what does your faith group teach about chastity?
December 7, 2004 Our Canadian society is becoming increasingly multi-ethnic. Since it is becoming extremely difficult for our national and political functions to be inclusive, should such events as the opening of Parliament or Remembrance Day services be non-religious? (Communications / Religion Experts)
July 31, 2004 One often thinks of Churches as being hierarchical. What can be said about the structure of your faith group?
July 24, 2004 Does your faith group teach that men and women are equal before God and how is this reflected in the structure and practices of your community?
July 3, 2004 Faith groups differ on whether there are many gods, a God who is three-in-one, or an unknowable god. Why are there such differences?
June 26, 2004 What is your faiths perspective on organ donation? Would you encourage your members to consider it for humanitys sake?
June 19, 2004 What are the pitfalls of your faith and how can religious leaders lead believers into a deeper grasp of their faith?
June 12, 2004 If God asked you whether a Savior, a Buddha or a great Prophet should be sent to earth today or check back in a hundred years, how would you respond?
June 5, 2004 What part does faith play in the preservation of our cultural heritage?
May 29, 2004 Should religion play a part in our upcoming federal election?
May 22, 2003 What does your faith teach about revenge and forgiveness?
May 15, 2004 Catholics and Protestants differ in their approach to prayer, primarily over Catholics belief that they may not only pray to God, but can also ask Jesus friends, saints whom the Church believes are in heaven, to speak a word to God on their behalf. What does your faith teach about the possibility of receiving divine favours by spoken or silent prayer?
Mai 8, 2004 Do you believe there are angels or do you think that people who believe in them are engaging in wishful thinking about supernatural guidance and protection?
Mai 1, 2004 Would the teaching of more comparative religion courses in schools be worthwhile if it encouraged tolerance or should it be discouraged because it could destroy the faith of some students?
April 23, 2004 What is your faiths perspective on the relationship between ecology and spirituality?
April 17, 2004 Are there saints in your religion who are teachers by example or are saints regarded as intermediaries between believers and God?
March 26, 2004 Two Harvard economists recently surveyed religious practice and economics in 59 countries, and found that believers are more likely to be prosperous. How would you explain this?
March 20, 2004 Every faith includes teachings on what adherents must do, whether it be on ethical issues such as abortion, or religious practices such as worship. What would you estimate as the percentage of your faiths adherents who wholeheartedly follow those teachings? How important is it that they do so?
March 12, 2004 What is your faiths perspective on cremation and the burial of spouses in the same grave?
March 5, 2004 Western philosophy has emphasized the autonomy of the individual, and encouraged thinking for yourself. What does your faith teach about the freedom of individual members to dissent from the faiths teachings and the consequences of their decision?
February 27, 2004 What weight should believers give to their own personal, religious experiences, as opposed to scriptures and other means of understanding God and his purpose for us?
February 20, 2004 Aside from the scriptures of your faith, what evidence would you cite for the existence of God?
February 13, 2004 France is proposing to ban conspicuous religious symbols and apparel in public schools, including Jewish skullcaps, large Christian crosses, and Muslim womens hijabs. What are the visual identifiers of your religion and their importance to the practice of your faith?
February 6, 2004 How do you explain that different faiths, including closely related faiths such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, differ on the nature of God and what he wants from us?
January 30. 2004 On the basis that France is a "secular state", French President Jacques Chirac is proposing to forbid students from wearing Muslim head scarves, large crucifixes, Jewish men's yarmulkes and other symbols of religion in public schools. What limits, if any, should legislators set in aiding believers and non-believers to live together peaceably in a pluralistic state like Canada?
January 23, 2004 How do you react to the American initiative to ban partial-birth abortion, in which a foetus is partially delivered before being killed?
January 16, 2004 What special knowledge did the prophets in your faith have about the past, present and future? If they did have knowledge of the future, why did they not tell people specifically what could happen and when?
January 9, 2004 How do we know that God has answered our prayers?
January 2, 2004 Acts of terrorism and regional conflicts often appear to be motivated by religious differences. What can believers and religious leaders do to prevent such a distorted understanding of their faith?
December 26, 2003 What happens to the soul after the body dies? If there is a waiting period before it goes to heaven, what is the purpose?
December 19, 2003 How do you react to the American initiative to ban partial-birth abortion, in which a foetus is partially delivered before being killed?
December 12, 2003 What is the difference between superstition and faith?
December 5, 2003 Recently, a major initiative was launched to have more congregations directly involved in encouraging more people to become blood donors. What would your faith suggest about the importance of becoming a blood donor?
November 29, 2003 The newly elected Ontario government has promised to eliminate the tax credit to private schools, many of which are religious schools. What is your opinion on the matter?
November 15, 2003 Restorative justice, sometimes defined as healing the wounds that criminal behavior causes to victims, communities and even offenders, is a growing movement in Canada and other countries. What is your faith groups view of restorative justice? What examples of restorative justice are there in the history of your faith?
November 8, 2003 Why do you believe that your faiths teachings provide the best answer to the meaning of life?
November 1, 2003 Why doesnt your faith group leave the performance of marriage ceremonies to civil authorities?
October 25, 2003 Is it necessary to be a believer in a religion to be happy?
October 18, 2003 Should politicians and judges be allowed to display scriptures such as the Ten Commandments in government buildings or courts to show people the origin of our laws?
October 11, 2003 What would be appropriate or even essential for Canada's public schools to teach about organized religion and its influence on our nation?
October 8, 2003 When is anger truly righteous and acceptable?
September 26, 2003 Why do human beings need religion?
September 19, 2003 Ontario premier Ernie Eves has suggested Canada should resurrect the death penalty for some premeditated crimes against children and law enforcement officers. What does your faith teach about the death penalty?
September 6, 2003 What difference does prayer, meditation and other regular spiritual practice make in people's lives?
December 23, 2003 What place should religious belief have in public debate on such issues as same-sex marriage?
December 9, 2002 What is the purpose of funerals in your faith?
December 2, 2003 How do people become members of your faith? Do they have to take any special courses, become baptized or just show up regularly at services?
July 26, 2003 Time magazine recently ran an article about American evangelicals' plan to target Muslim countries with the intent of saving them from hell. The provocative headline read: "Should Christians convert Muslims?" Our question on this is: How does your religious group approach conversion?
July 19, 2003 Some faiths revere saints while others don't mention them. Do the holy people in your faith merit any special reverence because they show us the way to God?
July 5, 2003 Should schools be required to teach elementary and high school students about different faiths to increase tolerance and reduce the possibility of conflict or should religious teaching be done by parents and clergy only?
June 28, 2003 In your religion, is faith in God and following the rules enough or is it also necessary to perform good works and love others?
June 14, 2003 With so many different versions of the Bible and other scriptures available, how can people decide which they should read and whether it is truly the word of God?
June 7, 2003 Is suicide always considered a sin in your faith? Does it make a difference if the person who commits suicide is mentally ill or has suffered some unbearable tragedy or painful illness?
May 31, 2003 At least two evangelical Christian groups are apparently going to Iraq to help rebuild that country after the war there. Are these groups taking advantage of the collapse of the Iraqi government to spread their faith and, if so, should that sort of thing be allowed?
May 24, 2003 Is there still such a thing as prophecy in your faith or did the prophets exist only in ancient times?
May 17, 2002 A former Stats Can official spoke of the benefits of faith: intact families, charity, volunteerism. Should religious people tell others of such benefits?
May 10, 2003 Do you believe in faith healing or is there no tradition of such practice in your faith?
May 3, 2003 Some feminists who oppose traditional Judaism or Christianity complain the Bible puts down women. How do you respond to such criticism?
April 5, 2003 Can hatred ever be considered a virtue?
March 22, 2003 President George Bush has been criticized for describing war with Iraq in religious terms that put God on the side of the United States. Should political leaders ever use religion to justify war or any other government action?
March 15, 2003 Can one come to the realization that one has had previous lives or remember a past life, learn from it and perhaps improve things in this life?
March 8, 2003 Are children born into adulterous relationships children of God and are people who have married a second time after committing adultery still considered to be married by members of your faith?
March 1, 2003 Do people of your faith believe there is there is still such a thing as sin or do they think people just follow their natural urges or break the law?
February 22, 2003 Shouldnt Religious Leader Stick to Religion and Leave Issues Such as War and Diplomacy to our National Leaders?
February15, 2003 What is your position on evangelism; should persuasion be used, intimidation, to get people to change or renounce their beliefs?
February 8, 2003 I find church attendance boring and not enlightening. Please explain whether people need to attend services regularly to be considered believers or members of your faith.
February 1, 2003 What role does human sexuality play in the expression of one's spiritual life?
January 25, 2003 Some people say moral standards are declining everywhere in the world. Do you believe this is true and if so why?
January 18, 2003 The Bible and other scriptures sometimes mention visions as messages from, but now we seldom hear people speak about them. According to your faith, what is the relevance of visions in our time?
January 11, 2003 Now that the Raelian religious sect has claimed to have produced a cloned baby girl, is there anything governments can or should do to outlaw such practices?
December 28, 2002 Recently pornography has become more prevalent and accessible via mainstream media, in particular television and the internet. What guidance can your faith offer those concerned about the impact on our traditional values?
December 14, 2002 What do adherents of your faith make of the growing trend to call this time of year the holiday season?
December 1, 2002 Do you believe that miracles are possible within your faith? If so, can they be encouraged to occur?
November 23, 2002 In your faith is science viewed as blessing or a curse?
November 9, 2002 Which sport do you find most consistent with religious values?
November 2, 2002 From your religious perspective, what is meant by "peace"?
October 18, 2002 In your religion, how is it recommended that you deal with your enemies?
October 5, 2002 What religious lessons do you draw from the recent news stories about accounting irregularities at large U.S. corporations that were not performing as well as their monthly reports suggested?
September 21, 2002 Do you think Harry Potter books should be banned from Schools? Do they promote witchcraft and cause children to rejection organized religion?
September 14, 2002 The term Bible is used almost frequently in other non-religious books with titles such as "The (insert computer software title) Bible", or subtitles like "The Health Bible". Does this practice devalue God's word?
September 7, 2002 When I go to Andrew Haydon Park, I object to seeing religious groups kneeling and praying as if they are in a mosque or a church. Should prayer in city parks be banned so people of other faiths or no faith will not be offended and potential conflicts can be avoided?
December 31, 2002 What is your faith's teaching about the use of marijuana?
July 20, 2002 What is your faith community doing to prevent the sexual abuse of children?
June 28, 2002 How does your faith group view the issue of spanking and disciplining children?
June 22, 2002 How should you talk to your kids about sex?
June 8, 2002 Do religious oaths in court and elsewhere mean anything in a modern multicultural society such as ours or should they be abolished and replaced with a simple promise to do ones best and tell the truth?
June 1, 2002 If God is perfect in himself or herself, why did he or she decide to create the universe?
May 25, 2002 Why did God create an immortal Satan as an arch enemy?
May 18, 2002 How does your faith view the recent controversy concerning the two deaf lesbians who chose a deaf father to increase their chances of having a deaf baby?
May 4, 2002 Is hell a real place where people suffer eternally after death, or is it just a state of mind that changes with a person's mood and circumstance?
April 27, 2002 Does God make decisions for us, determining our destiny or can we make our own independent decisions that affect our future?
April 20, 2002 What should churches, mosques and synagogues do to attract people turned off by organized religion?
April 13, 2002 What role does meditation play in your religion? Is it worthwhile or merely a way to avoid life's problems?
April 6, 2002 Do members of your religion consider self-help groups to be cults or substitutes for faith and therefore to be avoided?
March 23, 2002 I believe that the smuggling of the scriptures of any faith for proselytizing people in foreign countries is wrong. What does your religion say about this?
March 15, 2002 If a person suffers mentally, physically or emotionally and chooses suicide to end the pain of living, does God give them the love they need or condemn them to hell?
March 2, 2002 What does your religion say about tithing or giving a set amount of money to one's church, mosque, synagogue or temple?
February 23, 2002 Are watching horror films and listening to heavy metal music considered sins? Do they lead to hell?
February 16, 2002 Some faiths have a tradition of pilgrimages to renew their faith or for healing. What does your faith say about pilgrimages?
February 9, 2002 If God is all good and compassionate, why did He create the cruel, so-called food chain, where one species has to prey on another to survive?
February 2, 2002 Is it acceptable to pray for ones own self?
January 26, 2002 Canada Customs lists more than 77,000 registered charities including about 32,000 faith-based charities. Is it fair to Canadian society that religious charitable groups, which are tax exempt, represent about 40 per cent of all national charitable organizations while the balance includes education, health and community charities?
January 19, 2002 What does your religion believe happens to people at death? Is there an immediate afterlife either heaven or hell or do we wait for an indefinite period for reward or punishment?
January 12, 2002 Should private religious schools be required to follow the Ontario curriculum for parents to qualify for Ontario income tax credits?
January 5, 2001 After attending one's own church, mosque or synagogue is it permissible to attend a service in a religion other than one's own?
December 8, 2001 Does religion have a role to play in ecological issues and in protecting the environment?
December 6, 2001 The relatively new science of neurotheology argues that our brains created God. What is your reaction?
November 29, 2001 Should religions become involved in political issues instead of focusing solely on worship of God and spiritual and religious teachings, either within their places of worship or in public campaigns and street demonstrations?
November 17, 2001 A recent study seems to suggest that those who feel their illness is a punishment from God have a higher risk of dying. What is your reaction to this?
November 3, 2001 The suicide bombers who crashed into the World Trade Centre believed that their actions would take them directly to paradise to sit with God and Mohammed. Where are their souls? Have they gone to heaven or hell?
October 26, 2001 I heard that a suicide bomber blew up himself and others in Jerusalem because he was told he would be rewarded with dozens of virgins in heaven for his martyrdom. Does your religion promise earthly delights in heaven?
October 13, 2001 Roman Catholic schools in Ontario are fully funded by the government and are legally permitted to discriminate against non-Catholic teachers by refusing to hire them. In your opinion, should all religious schools in Ontario be required to avoid discrimination and treat all candidates equally when they hire teachers?
October 6, 2001 Do you believe as some TV evangelists have suggested that civil liberties groups, feminists, homosexuals and abortion rights supporters bear partial responsibility for the recent terrorist attacks in the U.S. because they have turned God against America? If not, how could God have allowed such terrible things to happen?
September 29, 2001 Does the recent implanting of an artificial heart have any religious implications?
September 22, 2001 What are your observations concerning the debate over stem-cell research?
September 8, 2001 Do you believe that reports of ghosts, hauntings and apparent communications from the dead are caused by the spirits of departed humans, spirits impersonating them, overactive imagination or some natural phenomenon?
September 1 , 2001 A recent article suggested that faith-based diets are good for health. What is your take on this?
December 25, 2001 Recently a Navy commodore was disciplined for perusing pornographic sites on the Internet. What is your reaction to this?
December 18, 2001 A self-help book based on the Prayer of Jabez in I Chronicles 4, 9-10 has recently become a best-seller by mixing religious advice with money-making tips. What do you think of the suggestion that a certain form of prayer is a sure route to riches?
December 11, 2001 Why does having faith in God give meaning and purpose to human life?
December 4, 2001 Should churches and faith groups be involved in providing social assistance? Does this not let governments abdicate their responsibility?
July 28, 2001 What lessons can your faith provide from the recent "collapse" of the high tech market?
July 1, 2001 What does your religion say about harmless gossip?
June 26, 2001 It has become quite clear that religion is an effective ingredient in conquering illness. Does this make your ministering to the unwell any easier?
June 24, 2001 Is envy always bad?
June 9, 2001 What is your reaction to the decision of the Ontario government in its recent budget to offer a tax credit of up to $3500 for those sending their children to private schools?
June 2, 2001 There has been much controversy about a ban on smoking in public places. What does your religion say about smoking?
May 26, 2001 The Bible, the Gospels and the Quran are similar in principle but different in their interpretation....
May 12, 2001 Mc Veigh Execution
May 5, 2001 Bible and Children
April 28, 2001 When I watched a church service on television a few weeks ago I was impressed by most of it, but shocked to see the entire congregation use the same communion cup, possibly spreading several communicable diseases. What is your opinion of this practice in an age when most people know about diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis?
April 21, 2001 Recently, there was debate about whether Ottawa Council should begin its deliberations with a prayer? Is such a debate healthy for our society?
April 7, 2001 Have religious leaders taken a stand on genetically modified foods, especially those that cross over between plant and animal products? Would such foods affect a true vegetarian diet, or Kosher or Islamic food rules? Isnt this manipulation similar to cloning?
March 24, 2001 What is your understanding of what it means to be a religious person?
March 17, 2001 Recently a judge awarded more than $300,000 to a woman injured while driving under the influence of alcohol after attending an office party. She alleged that the host of the party was partly responsible for her injury. Is there any sympathy for this verdict in your religion?
March 10, 2001 Does your denomination allow other baptized Christians who attend your church to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and receive the blood and body of Christ?
March 3, 2001 Some faiths appear to have scriptures or practices that place women in a subordinate position. In your religion, are males and females considered equal?
February 24, 2001 A Toronto clergyman married two homosexual couples in January. Should Canada legalize homosexual marriages?
February 17, 2001 Are there any references in the Bible which approve (or disapprove) of the custom of cremation?
February 10, 2001 Holland passed a law legalizing doctor-assisted suicide under certain conditions. Should Canada follow suit?
January 27, 2001 Does God get angry and punish people?
January 13, 2001

Why are there so many different denominations or houses of worship within a single religion?

January 7, 2001 I am concerned that my grandchildren are not learning about their faith. What can I do to help them?
December 6, 2000 Is there any guideline on the control of anger in your religion?
December 6, 2000 Does an atheist go to hell forever even though he or she has lead a most exemplary life, doing only good?
December 6, 2000 Are out-of-wedlock relationships considered adultery or is it adultery only if one steps out of an existing marriage? In other words, what are the marriage standards of your religion and how important are they?