Its objectives: under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is

"to reflect upon and to reflect the teachings of Scripture, the Church, and the statements and directions of the Canadian and the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops with respect to Christian response to Social Mission; to apply these teachings most especially in response to needs within the Ottawa Archdiocese, in proposing courses of action to correct social injustice, with special attention to the poor and the marginalized; to provide leadership and support to parishes in their awareness and practice of Social Mission; and to serve, upon request, as advisor to the Archbishop and his staff concerning particular legislation or policies that have impact or potential impact on issues of Social Justice; and with respect to all these goals, to grow individually and as a spiritual community dedicated to Social Mission."

Commission members sit on ecumenical, inter-faith, and secular coalitions in the city that address social issues of the day. In all it does, the Commission tries to keep its members and the people in the parishes conscious of the "two feet" of social mission: direct service to the poor and action on behalf of justice.

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