A New Segment in Adult Faith Development Putting Out Into the Deep!

Bishop Durocher

Bishop Paul-André Durocher presents on the vocation of the baptised person

Saturday, October 30th, 2004 marked an excellent "launch into the deep" of a new segment in adult faith development for the English sector of the diocese. Participants were welcomed by Archbishop Gervais who emphasized how important it is to have people well formed in faith as agents for change in the world today.

Bishop Paul-André Durocher, from our neighbouring Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese, was presenter for the session, designed to look at the question, "What does it Mean for me to be a Catholic in the World Today?" from the perspective of the vocation of the baptised person.

Participants were invited by Bishop Durocher to consider the church through three lenses: as an institution; an association; a movement. He emphasized that while the second Vatican Council's focus on the church as association has brought us a long way, and still has a long way to go, it is the church as a movement' that needs to be emphasized at this time to help put the three into a correct balance.

Bishop Durocher emphasized that we are "gathered so we may scatter" to bring the message of God's reign to the world; the message that is the heart and foundation of Jesus' ministry. He pointed to our participation in the prophetic, priestly, and kingly ministry of Jesus as the vehicles through which God's reign enters the world. These are exercised through evangelization and catechesis, through the liturgy that gathers us and sends us forth with a call to holiness, and through our solidarity with the poor. The faithful living of these, in correct relationship with each other, is characterized by justice, by peace, and by joy. He invited all the baptised and confirmed to revisit the meaning of this identity, to adress misunderstandings and wrong emphases, so as to establish a correct understanding of our mission and a proper relationship among all called to exercise leadership.

Bishop Durocher's warmth, dynamism, intelligence, and passion for the church, were enthusiastically and gratefully received by all who participated. Participants called the session an "outstanding faith development opportunity" that refreshed, renewed, challenged and filled them with hope.

Part 2 on this topic will be presented on Saturday, November 20th by Prof. Miriam Martin. All are welcome. Please contact Carol Kuzmochka, co-ordinator at 738-5025 (x251) for information or to register.

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