Adult Faith Development Launches into the Deep Once Again!

Professor Susan Wood, religious sister of Charity and professor of theology at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, led an insightful and challenging session on the Identity and Call of all the Baptized on Saturday, September 29th, 2007. Beginning with the scripture passage describing Jesus baptism in the Jordan, and engaging with the ritual and symbols of baptism, Susan challenged participants to look at our shared identity as beloved of God and invited an exploration of baptism from many important angles: we take on a new identity one with the beloved son, Jesus Christ, with whom the Father is greatly pleased; we are freed from sin and challenged to holiness; we are cleansed, made new, reborn and invited to take on everything that comes with that new life; we are initiated into the mystical body of Christ, called to bring Good news to all the world. This initiation is a gift of Gods love that we celebrate and strengthen every time we share in the Eucharist and gather with the assembly of believers who is sent to continue the saving mission of Jesus.

Prof. Susan Wood, from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, presents rich insights about baptismal identity and call

Participants engage in enthusiastic conversation

Prof. Wood, helped the gathering to distinguish between the historical body of Christ the sacramental body of Christ and the mystical body of Christ, the church. She encouraged careful consideration of the fact that these three cannot be collapsed into each other, but neither ought we to drive a wedge between them. She also emphasized the great importance of our call to ecumenical efforts to bring unity to the body of Christ that is fractured by division.

It was an enriching and challenging session that inspired participants and brought vital new insights. The next session will examine the relationship between Christianity and Islam and the need to bring peace. Among several guests to help with the day will be respected leaders in the Muslim community, Abdul Rashid and Khadija Haffajee, and Thomas Mooren, professor of Missiology and specialist in relations between Christianity and Islam at St. Paul University.

All are welcome: Saturday, Nov. 10th

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