Putting Out Into the Deep! participants explore Lectio Divina and Plan for next year!

Participants in our Adult faith Development Series were blessed with a rich and helpful session on Lectio Divina on Saturday, May 24th, 2022, led by Gregor Sneddon, a gifted and dynamic leader. Gregor is a deacon in the Anglican Church, en route to priestly ordination, who has specialized in centering Prayer over the course of his formation and ministry. Gregor described this type of prayer with scripture as &about intimacy and union with God who is speaking&It brings a new spiritual spring-time because we let go and allow the Spirit to guide us&This journey with The Word is about encountering the Risen One.

Gregor invited participants to experience two different models of this prayer with scripture: scholastic lectio divina; monastic lectio divina. While some participants preferred one method over the other, both reflect a different way of engaging in the 4 aspects of the process: lectio (reading); meditatio(meditation); oratio (speaking); and contemplatio(contemplation). This form of praying with scripture finds its roots in the ancient practices of the Church, beginning with the desert mothers and fathers.

Participants expressed great appreciation for this spiritually enlightening and uplifting session. It concluded a series of three sessions addressing the question: What does it Mean for me to be a Person of the Word of God in the World Today?

Anglican Deacon Gregor Sneddon, a gifted and dynamic presenter, explores Lectio Divina.

Evaluation and Planning for Next Year

This session marked the last for this 2007-08 year and the end of year-2 of a 3-year cycle. Many stayed for a Wine and Cheese celebration and to evaluate the experience, so far, and plan for next year. Among other things, the 2022-09 year will feature sessions on Euthanasia and end-of-life issues, Social Justice and the Churchs Social doctrine, Justice and the Environment. As well as what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ in a secular society, sent to bring Good News to the World. Dr. Margaret Somerville, in October, and Fr. Ron Rolheiser, in May, will be among our presenters. All are welcome!

Mrs. Carol Kuzmochka, co-ordinator, leads participants in an evaluation of sessions and planning for next year.

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