What does it mean for me to be a catholic in this world today?
A look through the lens of the call to evangelize - Part 1

Joanne Chafe, director of the National Office of Religious Education, CCCB led the first of a two part series on Evangelization as a response to the question What does it Mean for me to be a Catholic in the World Today? the topic of our diocesan Adult Faith Development Series.

Participants were encouraged to better understand the meaning of evangelization in the catholic context, to draw on the wealth of catholic teaching on this topic so as to be able to identify and respond appropriately to the variety of contexts in which evangelization takes place. And, most of all, participants were invited to take the good direction offered by The General Directory for Catechesis that names the soil of the believeras the context and place for evangelization, a context and place that needs to be respected and understood.

AFD session with Joanne Chafe

It was a challenging and affirming day for participants who described Joanne Chafe as a dynamic presenter with wonderful expertise and experience in this area.

Permanent diaconate candidates, along with many of their spouses, joined participants in the adult faith development series Putting Out Into the Deep. Participants are looking forward to Part 2 with Joanne Chafe on Saturday, April 24 from 9:00 - 3:30PM. All are welcome. Please contact Carol Kuzmochka, co-ordinator, for further info or to register: 738-5025(251), [email protected]

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