Adult Faith Development series continues to Put Out Into the Deep as it re- visits Evangelization

Seventy people gathered at the Diocesan Centre on Saturday, April 24th for part 2 of the session: What does it Mean to Be A Catholic In the World Today? A response from the perspective of Evangelization. Archbishop Gervais was on hand to welcome participants, which was especially significant because his Episcopal Motto is: To Evangelize. He described the mission of the church being like a rich and healthy tree where all birds may find welcome and rest.

Joanne Chafe, director of the NORE office for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops was the presenter for the day. She highlighted The General Directory for Catechesis as a rich source of inspiration, guidance, and practical help for evangelization and also made reference to Thomas Groome's book, What Makes Us Catholic : Eight Gifts for Life.

Participants expressed great satisfaction with the session. The next will take place on Saturday, May 15th, 2004 when, with the help of Noel Simard, the question, AWhat does it mean for me to be a catholic in the world today? will be answered from the perspective of moral decision-making. All are welcome! Carol Kuzmochka, 738-5025 (x251) [email protected] to register or for info.

Joanne Chafe

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