Our Day of Reflection on the Sunday Eucharist a Rich and Vibrant Event !!

Rev. Kevin Beach, our new Vicar General, extends a warm welcome

Saturday, October 15th found 170 people from more than 25 parishes across the diocese gathered for a day of reflection on the Sunday Eucharist. The chapel at the Diocesan Centre resounded with the sounds of voices and organ music as all began the session with a joyful morning prayer. Our new Vicar General, Rev. Beach extended a warm welcome to all, and introduced the facilitators for the day, Sr. Sheila Finnerty, gsic, chair of the liturgical Commission, and Mrs. Carol Kuzmochka, co-ordinator of adult faith development and leadership formation for the English sector. Rev Corbin Eddy, professor of liturgy at St. Marys Seminary in Baltimore, and a priest of the Ottawa diocese was warmly welcomed as the presenter for the day.

Sr. Sheila began by leading participants in a mystagogy(a reflection on our experience) of Sunday Eucharist. Then, Rev Eddy led participants through a rich and meaningful examination of the parts of the Sunday Eucharist, the Gathering and the Word, the Eucharist and the Missioning. Using the idea of a theology from above and a theology from below Rev Eddy intimately connected all that we celebrate in the Eucharist to all of our living. He highlighted Gods Word as Christ speaking to us here and now. Each time it is proclaimed, it is unique to that moment and can never be repeated. He drew attention to the gathered assembly as he Body of Christ and reminded that when we receive Christis real presence together in the bread and wine, we affirm this communion with one another. He encouraged participants to allow the meaning of being the Body of Christ and our attentiveness to Gods presence to imbue all aspects of our lives, reminding everyone that the meaning of Mass is Mission - we are sent to live, each day, all that we celebrate together.

Rev. Corbin Eddy, presenter for the day

Participants engaged very actively in the session

Participants engaged in vibrant dialogue about the various themes. They gave a very strong affirmation to the value of the session, reflected in an enthusiastic standing ovation for Rev Eddy at the end! Many requested more sessions, like this, as follow-up.

It was a very meaningful way to honour, in our diocese, the close of this Year of the Eucharist as well as to reflect meaningfully on the core of our faith, the source and summit of our churchs life and celebration.

Upcoming adult faith development sessions will continue to build on liturgical themes. The next session, What does it mean to be a liturgical people? will be held on Saturday, Nov. 19th, with Prof Miriam Martin, presenter. All are welcome! [email protected] for information, or [email protected] to register.