Theological Reflection invites participants to Put Out Further Into the Deep!

Being catholic means that we develop together a Christian interpretation of what is going on in the world, and a Catholic vision of our future. It also means that the Christian tradition is a life-giving resource that makes sense of our lives. We are invited to draw upon this resource to live fully, Christianly, truly engaged as effective evangelizers in our world today.

Luc Tardif, O.M.I., director of the Centre for Ministry Formation and rector of the Seminary at St. Paul University led participants in a rich and challenging day of learning about theological reflection. Luc presented a specific method for Theological Reflection based on Thomas Groomes Shared Christian Praxis. He offered these tools so that participants could begin to practice it as a way of mastering the art of celebrating Gods presence. The method requires a disciple in using it to master what is an art. Being able to reflect in such a way is the heart of discipleship, the vocation of all the baptized. It invites us to recognize that Gods Spirit is present and at work in the experiences of our lives. It also invites us to name those experiences, explore them and allow our tradition to further enrich and illumine our understanding. All of this serves our seeking as a community of believers tor to enact the Good news, and our passion for participating in the life of Gods reign.

Participants reflected on how these tools could focus, direct, and enrich their small group faith gatherings, their parish council experiences, their personal journeys of faith. The discipline and need for practice were recognized, and many commitmed themselves to engaging in this and going further with the method.

Luc Tardif, O.M.I

Luc Tardif, O.M.I. shares his expertise in theological reflection

Lucs leadership and input were deeply appreciated by the participants. His expertise was gratefully received as was the passion, good humour and humilty that were evident in his presentation.

Our next session "What does it Mean for me to be a Catholic in the World Today?" Saturday, May 13th, 2006. This session will help participants to name and claim our Deep Waters of Faith as Adult Catholics in the World Today! In a time of reflection and integration for all who have participated in at least a session or two of "Putting Out Into the Deep!" Presenter: Carol Kuzmochka

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