Fed from the Table, Becoming a Liturgical People
an experience of putting out into the deep!

Professor Miriam Martin, p.b.v.m. provided an engaging, thought-provoking, enriching adult faith development session Saturday, Nov. 19th, 2005, as she led participants in a stirring reflection on what it means to be a liturgical people. Miriam led not only by word, and with some wonderful images on a power-pt presentation, but also with song! Using her recently composed, The Song of the Eucharist Miriam drew participants into a rich reflection on what it means to be a liturgical/Eucharistic people.

Miriam presented three tables: the table of our lives, the table of the Lord, and the table of the world. Miriam described the purpose of the session as to unearth some of the deeper meanings of these tables for us. The session helped everyone to see how these three tables are connected and that being called to them is intense and challenging. Using scripture and some other points of reference, Miriam invited the gathering to reflect on how Jesus was at table. Using Joncas Tables of Jesus she reflected on the table of Jesus the prophet, Jesus the Christ and of Jesus the risen Lord. Important discussion followed about how these tables relate with our own, knowing that ...We eat and we thirst for more.

Sr. Miriam Martin p.b.v.m.

Prof. Miriam Martin, pbvm, presenter

The session concluded with the challenge to look at how Jesus lived and lives at his tables and ask how that asks us to live at ours? It is significant that the word Eucharist means ?to give thanks because participants were most grateful for this session. When asked if the session had invited them to Put out into the deep the reply was quite an emphatic Yes!

Sr. Miriam pbvm with guitar

The Song of the Eucharist

Sr. Miriam Martin pbvm, engaged in group discussions

Groups discuss scripture passages of Jesus at table

The next session will take place on Saturday, December 10th from 9 - 3:30. The question What does it mean for me to be a catholic in the world today? will be addressed from the perspective of what it means to be people of the Word. Archbishop Marcel Gervais will be the presenter. Carol Kuzmochka, [email protected] 738-5025 (x251) for information, Annmarie Brown, [email protected], 738-5025 (x217) to register. All are welcome!

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