Participants explore the Sunday Lectionary as People of the Word of God in the world today

Professor Normand Bonneau, OMI former dean of the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University and specialist in the Sunday Lectionary, led Putting Out into The Deep! participants in an engaging and informative session on April 19th, 2022 on the Sunday lectionary.

Explaining how the 3 cycles, A,B,C are constructed, which Gospels are featured in each, and how the reading for a particular Sunday are related to one another, as well as how readings over some series of Sundays are connected, Normand opened up this foundation of our Sunday celebrations in a whole new way to participants. Explaining what the Documents of the Second Vatican Council were attempting with the place of the Word of God in the Sunday assembly, Normand highlighted the real presence of Jesus Christ in his Word and the need for it to be proclaimed with excellence and received with this insight of Christ speaking to us when the Word is proclaimed in Church. Participants were encouraged to explore the bible deeply, and to become more knowledgeable about it, so that they can live out of the Word of God as was common in the early Church.

One of many interesting insights shared was that the Roman Catholic Lectionary has led to the publication of a Common lectionary in the English-speaking world that is used by many Christian denominations world-wide. In this way, the Sunday lectionary has been an unexpected and welcome source of ecumenical relationship-building. Christians each Sunday, all around the world, are sharing the same proclamation of Gods Word.

Professor Bonneau explains the relationships among the scripture passages of the 3 cycles of Lent.

Participants acknowledged the great privilege of having this presenter on this topic. Normands book, The Sunday Lectionary: Ritual Word, Paschal Shape is an award-winning publication, and he is consulted world-wide on this topic. Many reflected on the rich insight and learning they were taking away from the session, another essential dimension of what it means to be a Catholic in the world today as People of the Word of God. The next session, Saturday, May 24th, will address yet another dimension of our relationship with the Word of God as we explore, lectio divina, praying with scripture as an essential aspect of our lives. All are welcome! [email protected] or (613)738-5025 x217 to register.

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