Adult Faith Development Series focuses on Christian Unity

On Sat., Jan 15, 2005, Professor Catherine Clifford helped participants in our adult faith development series, "Putting Out Into the Deep!" to begin this week of Christian Unity extremely well by leading them in an informative, motivating and thought-provoking reflection on the relationship of catholics to those of other Christian denominations. Highlighting the fundamental aspect of our shared faith in Jesus Christ, Prof Clifford encouraged catholics to be open, welcoming, and non-judgmental in relationship with other Christians, emphasizing how a church the size of the catholic church can afford to be humble.

Panellists(l-r)Rev.Dr. John Gibaut, Mr. Chris Duncanson-Hales and Rev. Melody Duncanson-Hales share their experiences of ecumenism with participants

Prof.Catherine Clifford helps to clarify the issues

She cited many documents related to ongoing dialogue among Christian churches as well as insights from Pope John Paul II to highlight the proper stance in relation to others as well as the need to continue the important work of forging a path to real and complete unity as Jesus calls for when he says, "That they may be one."

A panel of presenters, featuring Anglican priest and Dr. of theology John Gibaut, United Church minister Melody Duncanson-Hales and her husband, Chris Duncanson-Hales, a doctoral student in theology, gave the issues surrounding Christian unity a very practical and human face. Panellists and Prof Clifford engaged in very meaningful and insightful dialogue with all participants.

Participants described very important learning during this session and a desire to enter into the efforts for Christian unity in a whole new way. Professor Clifford invited all to participate as fully as possible in events over this week for Christian Unity.

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