Another cycle of Putting Out Into the Deep! is launched

Rooted in the vision that all the baptized are called to collaborative ministry with one another and to grow in a mature faith as the People of God, another 3-year cycle of our adult faith development series, Putting Out Into the Deep! began on Saturday, October 14th, 2006. Participants came from near and far, including Almonte in the west end of the diocese and Hawksbury in the east, representing 23 of the English language parishes of the Archdiocese .

Professor Miriam Martin, pbvm led the gathering in a response to the question What does it Mean for me to be a catholic in the world today as a baptized person called to discipleship? with a rich and challenging session. Inviting people to consider that baptism invites us to engage deeply in the struggle to be the kind of people for our world that Jesus was for his world Miriam explored the type of social structure in which Jesus lived and his response to it. Building on the characteristics that defined Jesus own ministry and his commitment to announcing the Reign of God, Miriam highlighted Jesus efforts to make boundaries among people porous and to transform the divides of us and them into the communal We. The gathering was challenged to reflect on the need for these efforts in our own time as a call to discipleship, and what it really means to be a member of the community and at the service of the other.

A video on Christian Initiation and a prayer using the sprinkling rite helped to re- connect participants with their own baptism, the fact that it is the whole community who initiates and calls into discipleship. Clothing oneself in the identity of Jesus is not about being a card carrying member but about opening to a call that is, indeed, radical, disturbing and full of life.

Prof. Miriam Martin, pbvm

Prof. Miriam Martin, p.b.v.m. leads participants in a reflection on baptism and discipleship

Participants were excited by the session and all it invited them to deepen and explore. The theme will continue on Saturday, November 18th, 2006 when Mrs. Joanne Chafe, director of NORE for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops will lead a session on the call to evangelization.
All are welcome!
Annmarie Brown (613)738-5025 (x217) [email protected] to register, or Carol Kuzmochka (613)738-5025 (x251) [email protected] for information.

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