Adult Faith Development Participants ponder the Deep Waters!

Saturday, May 13th, 2006 found adult faith development participants engaged in the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus and their encounter with Jesus, as presenter, Carol Kuzmochka, invited participants to use this penetrating story to reflect on their own journey of faith development as adult Catholics in the world today.

Participants re-visited many of their experiences from the first full 3-year cycle of Putting Out Into the Deep! They spent some time naming the insights they want to retain and build upon, and sharing with one another how they have been challenged, formed and sent. Using Tom Groomes pithy statement about real education being about information, formation and transformation participants engaged in reflection about these aspects of their journey and how they are invited to engage others in the same.

Carol helped participants explore the meaning of catechesis from its Greek roots meaning to echo or resound. Insights were shared about what this meaning invites in the journey of faith, and what it asks as we meet and accompany others on the road. Insights from The General Directory for catechesis were used to support and further these insights about what it mans to be an adult catholic in the world today.

Carol Kuzmochka

Carol Kuzmochka invites participants to ponder their experience

Panelists, Richard Ladouceur, Margaret Love and Rick McLellan furthered the reflection and discussion by sharing some of their experiences of Putting Out Into the Deep! which deepened the reflection and sharing. The day ended with a parable of the modern day road to Emmaus on which each of us is invited both to be met and to meet the other, and to help to open lifes experiences to the transforming encounter of faith.

Our Adult faith Development Series will begin a new three-year cycle in the Fall of 2006. Session dates are posted in the adult faith development section of the website. All are welcome! Applications for certificate participation are now being accepted.
Please contact cku[email protected] 738-5025 (x251) to inquire or apply.

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