Adult Faith Development honours certificate recipients and first full cycle with a joyful celebration!

AFD celebration

"Archbishop Marcel Gervais reminds all present that "This must continue!"

The evening of Saturday, May 13th, 2006 found Archbishop Marcel Gervais presiding over a Certificate Ceremony, Sunday Eucharist and festive Banquet to celebrate a very successful conclusion to the first 3-year cycle of adult faith development formation. The Archbishop shared with all those gathered, including certificate participants and their families and friends, others involved in the series, past presenters, pastors of certificate recipients and adult faith development committee members that I have dreamed of this for our diocese for ten years, and we finally have it off the ground!....It must continue!

Testimonies were heard from those receiving a Certificate in Adult faith Development awarded for the completion of 180 hours of reflective, integral, adult catechesis including attendance at sessions, small group gatherings, other formation activities, and integrations exercises. Further testimonies were heard from those receiving a Certificate of Participation (14 people were awarded these signifying participation in at least 10 sessions. A few attended every session over the three years) from pastoral accompaniers and from presenters. All affirmed the life-giving, challenging and transforming experience they have enjoyed together. Over the three year period more than 200 people have participated in at least one session of adult faith development representing approximately 40 parishes in the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

AFD certificate recipients

16 people from 11 parishes and one neighbouring diocese, received a Certificate in Adult Faith Development . They are pictured here with co-ordinator, Carol Kuzmochka (front row far right)"

A festive banquet followed which included toasting, thanking, very good food and conversation and some more meaningful testimonies about the value of the experience!

Archbishop M. Gervais AFD banquet
AFD banquet AFD banquet
  Sister Joan  

A new 3-year cycle of adult faith development will begin in the Fall of 2006. All are welcome! Contact [email protected] or 738-5025 (x251) to inquire. Applications for certificate participants are now being accepted.

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