Called to Christian Hospitality

Participants came from all corners of the Diocese on Saturday, January 13th, 2007 to engage in a day of exploration of Christian hospitality. 125 people crowded into the conference centre at the 1247 Kilborn Place as three presenters, Lorraine Ste-Marie, professor at St. Paul University and C. Ross Finlan and Tim Amyot, both parish pastors, led a very meaningful reflection.

Modeling the day after the progression of the Sunday Eucharist, the presenters engaged participants in four sessions based on Come, Listen, Do, and Go. All were invited to explore the meaning of hospitality and the idea that we, along with God, are both host and guest. Those who preside and who participate in the essential task of proclaiming the Word were called the storytellers of the community. And the work of Listening was described as neither easy not passive and something everyone needs to do to be hospitable. Participation in the liturgy of the Eucharist was explored as a humble recognition of our need for God and to share Jesus present in the bread and wine. Those who are most in need have a privileged place at the table and are the best teachers of the whole community. All are called to live the integrity of the hospitality enriched and celebrated in the liturgy in all aspects of life.

Participants engaged enthusiastically with our three presenters: Lorraine Ste-Marie, professor, and C.Ross Finlan, and Tim Amyot,O.S.M. both pastors

The diocesan Liturgy Commission and Adult faith Development, under the leadership of Sheila Finnerty, gsic and Carol Kuzmochka, joined forces for the day in this rich and lively gathering. Participants engaged enthusiastically and reported wonderful learnings and challenges from the day. Many wish to take insights back to share with others in their parishes.

The Diocesan Liturgy Commission will sponsor a Workshop on A COMPANION TO THE CBW III: GUIDELINES FOR LITURGICAL MUSIC: Facilitated by Heather Reid. Saturday, January 27, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon. Diocesan Centre, 1247 Kilborn Place. To register: Annmarie (613-738- 5025 ext. 217). The next Adult Faith Development session, Who are we as People Called to Ecumenism? Will take place on Sat., Feb. 3. Presenter: Prof Catherine Clifford, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Diocesan Centre, 1247 Kilborn. Info: Carol (738-5025 X 251); (ckuzmochka@ecclesia- Registrations: ([email protected]); (738-5025 X 217). All are welcome!

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