Adult Faith Development participants Put Out Into the Deep! with more about baptism and discipleship

People from all corners of our archdiocese, along with a few visitors from neighbouring dioceses, gathered at the diocesan centre on Saturday, May 12th for a session responding to the question, What does it mean for me to be a catholic in the world today as a baptized disciple?

Bishop Paul-André Durocher, from our neighbouring Alexandria-Cornwall diocese, led the gathering in a rich and meaningful reflection on this topic that left everyone yearning for more. Dividing the day among a reflection on the question from a sacramental, a spiritual perspective, and a pastoral perspective, he examined the unity of the baptismal and chrismal dimensions of baptism and confirmation that, all at once, celebrate the pure gift of Gods love and our immersion into the identity of Jesus, while pulling us up out of the waters of baptism to be anointed and sent forth to announce Gods Kingdom by being at the service of others. Bishop Paul-André reminded that being a disciple is to place oneself at the feet of the master, and our master is Jesus Christ.

Bishop Durocher presents sacramental, spiritual and pastoral perspectives

Bishop Paul-André Durocher engages participants in rich reflection

Using lectio divina as a primary way to open ourselves to this discipleship at the feet of Jesus, he explored the lectio (reading) of scared scripture or texts very grounded in scripture, the meditatio (mediation), the oratio (prayer) and contemplatio (contemplation) that make this practice a rich one as followers, disciples of Jesus. Finally, Bishop Paul-André examined the church in its baptismal chrismal role, called to catechize and to evangelize, called to community life and to the service of all, called to gather so as to scatter in mission to the world.

Participants were left with challenging insights they did not want to lose from the session. Many reported fundamental new insights that will empower and challenge them in new ways as disciples in the world today.

The next session will take place on Saturday, September 29th, 2007 with Professor Susan Wood. All are welcome! [email protected] (613)738-5025 to register or [email protected] or (613)738-5025 (x251) for more information.

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