A session on Spirituality, Saturday, June 11th, 2005, invites participants to Put out into the Deep!

Luc Tardif, OMI helped participants explore three meanings of the Latin word origins of religion to appreciate what spirituality is about. The first meaning is to re-link, re- connect. This points to building relationships. The second meaning is to re-read which reflects the nature of spirituality as the meaning-making in which we engage when we attempt to read or interpret and find the wisdom in the reality of life. Finally a third meaning offered from Latin, re-elect or make choices rounds off this understanding of spirituality as having to do with our choices, behaviors and commitments. So, spirituality, rooted in religion, is about relationships, meaning-making and wisdom, and the choices we make.

Luc Tardif, OMI

Luc Tardif, OMI leads participants in a reflection on spirituality

Reflecting on spirituality from the traditional perspective, from modern times and from the post-modern perspective, Luc challenged participants to see both the gifts and the limits that each of the perspectives brings. He emphasized that one gift of this post-modern time is a return to an ancient biblical understanding that we can meet God in all things. There is nothing outside of Gods realm or touch. This is gift and encourages a movement outside of the limiting boxes we may create, and encourages us to meet God in all dimensions: transcendent, imminent and transparent. Our presenter challenged, in the same way, all to examine how relationship with God is with all of God: Father, Son and Spirit. At times we may not have a balance. We are in partnership with God, a God who gifts us with a spirituality of communion precisely because Gods very self is communion.

If, as Christians we are followers of Jesus, then we are following him into a deeper, fuller participation in Gods reign which is Jesus mission. This means creating deeper communion among all, a fullness of life, from which we remain so far away. It means struggling within the reality of the relationships of our lives in very concrete ways.

The challenge to interpret our lives through theological reflection is most important. Luc invited all to reflect on each day by asking, what have I received. This reflection may be deepened in any circumstance by asking, What do I(we) celebrate? What do I (we) lament? What do I (we) hope for? This is the paschal mystery. Finally, Luc invited all to use some Be- attitudes for deepening our spiritual journey as Bernard Lonergan defines them: be attentive, be intelligent, be reasonable, be responsible, and be in love.

Participants reflected deeply together on how the insights and wisdom Luc shared challenged them. All resonated with the challenges put forth and left with the intention of putting out into the deep more fully with what Luc presented. Furthermore, many reported things they will explore further and do differently as a result of the richness of the day.

The next session will take place on October 15th, 2005 when a special day of reflection on the Sunday Eucharist will be held in collaboration between adult faith development and the diocesan liturgical commission. All are welcome! It is an especially timely way to conclude the Year of the Eucharist. [email protected] for further information, or Annmarie Brown 738-5025 (x217) or [email protected] to register.

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