Adult Faith Development explores what it means to be people of the Word

Participants in our Putting Out Into the Deep! series were able to catch a glimpse of our Archbishop, Marcel Gervais, wearing his scripture scholar hat on Saturday, December 10th, 2005, as he led a day-long session in adult faith development on what it means to be people of the Word. Building on St. Decemberines insight that the purpose of scripture is to form Christians not scientists, Archbishop Gervais highlighted the many forms of literature that make up the Old Testament. He pointed to the powerful stories that tell us about the how God has chosen to reveal himself to the people in the first five books of the Old Testament. These are not stories that reveal scientific data or that are concerned with historical facts. Rather, their purpose is to use beautiful forms of literature to tell powerful stories about the relationship between God and humanity. These stories have the profound ability to reveal truths much more fundamental than historical or scientific facts!

The Archbishop described the time of the second Vatican Council as one of exciting new openings in the study of scripture. With the publishing of the document Dei Verbum the Church articulated a catholic interpretation of scripture and opened the way for vital new scholarship. We are reaping the rich rewards of this work, now.

Participants engaged in exercises provided by the Archbishop to help them get a sense of how the texts are composed. Spending time on the two creation accounts of Genesis, the Archbishop emphasized the revelation of a gracious and loving creator who invites humanity into an intimate and creative relationship with God and one another, and who models the movement from creative work into a time of leisure. Heard throughout the first creation account is And God saw that it was good; and, especially in relation to the creation of male and female, God saw that it was very good. Even with the failure of humanity in the second creation account, God continues to be gracious and merciful inviting reconciliation and offering hope. This is the foundation for the ongoing inspiring and hope-filled story of salvation history.

Archbishop M. Gervais

Archbishop Marcel Gervais leads participants through the 2 creation accounts in Genesis

Adult Faith Development Session

Participants pose questions to the Archbishop and engage in dialogue

Participants posed questions to the Archbishop and engaged in rich dialogue that explored important questions about scripture and related pastoral issues about what it means to be people of faith. The session was very well received. People expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to engage with their Archbishop and to explore this important topic with his guidance.

The next session of adult faith development will take place on Saturday, January 21st, 2006. All are welcome! Carol Kuzmochka, 738-5025 (x251) or ckuzmochka@ecclesia- for information or Annmarie Brown, 738-5025 (x217), [email protected] to register.

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