What is a Catholic Identity and How is it a Gift for Life?

Participants in our adult faith development series spent Saturday, December 9th 2006 immersed in the river of catholic identity that is made up of essential characteristics that are gift for life and for the world. From a positive view of the human person and of the world and a commitment to the dignity of all people, which is such a cornerstone of Catholicism, to our sense of justice, scripture and tradition, the call to community, and all of our spirituality and sacramental life, participants were invited to reflect on the place of these characteristics in themselves and our communal life, and how they are gift to the world.

Mrs. Carol Kuzmochka, presenter for the day, built upon Thomas Groomes helpful and insightful articulation of these characteristics of catholic identity to lead the exploration of the themes. Helping participants to reflect upon the rich sacramental principle that underlies a catholic perspective of life and which imbues our catholic spirituality, she invited participants to consider various essential characteristics of a catholic identity and ponder how these may be deepened in ourselves. The new Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church was a helpful resource for the day as participants reflected on the churchs wisdom about what it means to be created in Gods image and likeness, a catholic sense of justice, the place of scripture and tradition, and what it means to say that all are welcome and everyone belongs. This was woven in with stories of lifes experiences and plenty of dialogue among the assembly about insights and challenges.

Carol Kuzmochka

Carol Kuzmochka leads participants in a rich and challenging session

AFD Group on Dec. 9.

Participants engaged in good reflection, good conversation and also some good humour!

Participants engaged very enthusiastically in a day filled with dialogue, meaningful reflection and some good humour! They reported rich and helpful insights that help to deepen their sense of who they are as baptized persons; disciples of Jesus called to follow his way.

The next session will take place on Saturday, January 13th, 2007 when the Diocesan Liturgy Commission will join in sponsoring a day which explores the meaning of and call to Christian Hospitality. All are welcome! Annmarie Brown, (613)738-5025 (x217) or [email protected] to register.

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