Adult Faith Development Explores Moral Decision-Making

Saturday, December 8th, 2007 found an enthusiastic group gathered for a session on moral decision-making in a complex world. Professor Noel Simard, director of the Ethics Centre at St. Paul University, member of the Pontifical Council for Life, and priest of the Archdiocese of Quebec, provided competent, engaging, and challenging presentations and leadership for this session, greatly appreciated by all present.

Explaining Natural Law and working from the notion that there are some universal moral principles that can guide our decision-making and actions, Noel provided insight into what it means to make good decisions. Morality has two dimensions: personal and communal, and participants were invited to explore them both and their relationship to each other. The fundamental place of the conscience was explained and discussed.

Using a case study, Noel invited participants to explore the very complex environment presented by our world when making moral decisions. He encouraged people to approach moral decision-making with confidence but also with respect for the complex landscape. Technological and scientific advancement produce particular challenges, and Noel encouraged participants to become knowledgeable and reflective about these things. Most of all, he encouraged well-grounded Christian life, rooted in the love of God and ones neighbors as a place from which to discern the way.

Participants were eager for more of what was an enlightening, challenging and life-giving session, realizing the need to continue to build upon the rich insight presented and shared during this time together.

The next session of Putting Out Into the Deep! will take place on Saturday, January 12th, 2007 with a joint session sponsored also by the Diocesan Liturgy Commission. In light of the upcoming Eucharistic congress, the session will explore the question, Why do we Celebrate Sunday Eucharist?

Professor Noel Simard

Prof. Noel Simard brings warmth and humour to his challenging presentation

This is a formation session for all the baptized, and an excellent way to prepare for the Eucharistic Congress. With Fr. Roy Roberts and Fr. Bill Burke. Registration deadline: Mon., Jan. 7 (613-738-5025, ext. 217, [email protected]). All are welcome!

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