Archdiocese of Ottawa, Putting out into the Deep!

Saturday, Dec. 6th found 100 participants gathered for a lively and engaging adult learning session: What Does it Mean for Me to Be A Catholic in the World Today? A response from the perspective of social justice.

Presenters included: Marcel Gervais, Archbishop of Ottawa; Joseph Gunn, Director of the office of Social Affairs, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops; Carl Hetu, Regional Director of Development and Peace; Evelyn Kelly, Chairperson of the Archdiocesan Social Justice Commission and Chair of the Board for the Bronson Centre; Fr. Bill Ryan, S.J., Scholar, Author, and Social Justice Activist; Anne Taylor, gsic, Kairos Spirituality for Social Justice Centre. Participants were invited to engage with the content and interventions given by these persons in a variety of informative, enriching and thought-provoking ways, including open dialogue with them in the assembly.

Participants reported a challenging, informative, lively and engaging session. A prelude to a new adult learning series beginning in January, the day was facilitated by Carol Kuzmochka, Co- ordinator of Adult Faith Development and Leadership Formation for the English sector. She reflected on the session as an opportunity for people to experience a fore-taste of the sessions to come. These adult learning sessions focus on the most fundamental questions of life brought into dialogue with the foundations of faith. In a time when people are very spiritually hungry, when our culture presents new and complex challenges, and when ordained leadership is no longer plentiful, opportunities for all to enrich and deepen their faith lives is absolutely essential.

Anyone wanting more information about upcoming adult learning sessions are invited to contact Carol as soon as possible:738-5025 (x251); email: [email protected].

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