Adult Faith Development celebrates the beginning of another cycle of Putting Out Into the Deep!

The first of a new 3-year cycle of Putting Out Into the Deep! was honoured with a lively gathering and some good wine and cheese on Saturday May 12th, 2007. Joined by several of the presenters from this past year and the previous segment, participants gathered with Archbishop Gervais and co-ordinator Carol Kuzmochka to honour a good beginning and the accomplishments of 8 people who began their adult faith formation during the last 3-year cycle of the series.

7 people received Certificates of Participation signifying participation in at least 10 sessions: John Ferriss, Richard Ladouceur, Rosella Mac Neil, Jackie McGuinty, Terry Thibert, Alice Whelton and Marek Zaremba. Roberta Haughton received a Certificate in Adult Faith Development signifying 180 of adult faith development formation, as well as participation in a small faith-sharing group, and writing reflection papers.

Roberta Haughton receives her "Certificate in Adult Faith Development" while 7 others received "Certificates of Participation

Archbishop Gervais celebrates the fulfillment of a dream
and his hopes for more for the future

Archbishop Gervais spoke of his dream that adults would engage in such formation as a normal part of being mature in faith and that his dream is realized in the accomplishments of this faith development series. He hopes it will not only continue, but grow stronger. The gathering honoured archbishop Gervais and Carol Kuzmochka thanked him, on everyones behalf, for his vision and leadership in having the dream and opening the way for the launching this adult faith development opportunity. A toast to Archbishop Gervais, to the certificate participants and to the future, as well as a thank you to Carol Kuzmochka ended this meaningful celebration.

A gift and a toast for Archbishop Gervais!

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