"Putting Out Into the Deep!" Evaluates, and Plans for more in Adult Faith Development.

The evening of Monday, June 13th, 2005 found a mixture of participants, advisory committee members and parish representatives gathered to reflect, evaluate and plan in regard to our adult faith development series, "Putting Out Into the Deep!" Designed to help Catholics develop a mature faith and engage deeply as disciples in mission to the world, the series has just concluded a segment of 8 six hour sessions held once each month since the Fall of 2004. People may engage as either participants or certificate participants. Certificate participants attend each session, meet in small groups with pastoral accompaniment in between sessions, and write a few pages of reflection about important themes from the sessions, how the insights challenge them to respond and how the insights challenge the whole church in its mission. This experience is reported as very rich by those who are participating.

133 people participated in sessions between Oct., 2004 and June, 2005. This represents participation from 34 parishes in the diocese and people from 3 of our neighboring dioceses. The question, "What Does it Mean for me to be a catholic in the World Today?" continues to shape the agenda for the sessions. The wisdom that people continue to express about their needs in this area was brought into dialogue with a more ancient wisdom about what are the fundamental aspects of the church: the Word; the liturgy; the community life; mission to the world. Participants engaged in very good discernment about what the next segment of the series will need to address to ensure each of these areas is well addressed. In light of this good discernment, the segment between the Fall, 2005 and Spring, 2006 promises to be very rich.

The gathering heard from Adel Iskandar, Richard Ladouceur and Patrick Doyle about their experience of the series. Each reported vital personal growth, richness of experience, and a strengthening response of Christian discipleship in their lives.

Adel and Richard both referred frequently to their growth in Christian identity, explaining that the series was not only challenging them to respond to their faith more deeply, but also helping give them the tools they need to do so.

Adel Iskandar, Richard Ladouceur and Patrick Doyle speak about their experience of adult faith development.

As a pastoral accompanier, Patrick Doyle spoke of the quality of relationship, the depth of sharing and growth in faith that is evolving among the small group members. He called the experience "a great privilege." Others added insights from their experiences to the conversation. Strengths were affirmed and suggestions were made to improve the process. People also shared their hopes for the future.

All who gathered are concerned that parishioners all over the diocese will know what a quality experience of growth in adult faith awaits those who choose to participate in "Putting Out Into the Deep!". The next segment will begin in October, 2005. All are welcome! Carol Kuzmochka, ckuz[email protected] (613)738-5025 (x251) for information.

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