Back grounders in Adult Faith Development and Leadership Formation

A Pastoral Priority

Our Archbishop has identified the faith development and leadership formation of adults as an urgent pastoral priority. People echo the urgency of this need in their reflections, as well. In response to the complex times in which we live, the call of the baptised to exercise their leadership in mission to the world, and the evolving face of leadership in the church, intense efforts are ongoing to respond with faith development and leadership formation opportunities that meet our needs.


A full-time heads this mandate in collaboration with the Archbishop and his designates, and works collaboratively with the Adult Faith Development Committee.
An Adult Faith Development Committee has been established to act as a consultative, think-tank, discerning, guiding body for all of the projects in adult faith development and leadership formation. The members of this committee are intended to be representative of various regions and faces of the diocese as well as to bring a variety of expertise "to the table."

Adult Faith Development Series

A series of learning sessions in response to the question, "What does it Mean for Me to Be A Catholic in the World Today?" began in January, 2004 and is ongoing. It helps all explore, challenge, and deepen their faith. People are welcome to come at any time, to participate in one, a few or many sessions. They need only register for the session(s) of choice. For those who choose, there is also an opportunity to complete a "Certificate in Adult Faith Development."

The larger picture and other aims

Ongoing consultation has clarified 5 different aims in the faith development and leadership formation of adults that are being addressed in an ongoing way. The first priority in this area is to create learning opportunities that help all to more deeply discover and act upon their catholic identity in the world today. Responding to Jesus' invitation, echoed by Pope John Paul II, we are "Putting Out into the Deep!" with an adult faith development opportunities designed to help all "go further," to be challenged and empowered in faith. The need for ministry formation opportunities to meet the needs of our parish communities, and for workshops and days of reflection to help sustain and support people in all they are living, remain an important focus of adult faith development and require ongoing attention and development. Similarly, the need to continually reflect on the need to form lay persons for mandated positions of pastoral leadership remains an ongoing responsibility, as we discern the "signs of our times" and the action of God's Spirit.

For Those involved in Pastoral Care

Every Fall, a day for those involved in pastoral care in co-hosted by Adult Faith Formation for the Archdiocese and one of the parish communities. The purpose is to offer networking and ongoing formation to those involved in this ministry, who have clearly expressed their desire for this opportunity. ( see document/registration on "Sharing our Caring", 2004)

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