Is God calling me to be a priest?

It is a question that has crossed the mind of many a young man. It is a question that invariably triggers a process a process that is referred to as discernment. Discernment (a word derived from the Latin verb to decide; to determine) can take many forms.

It may involve asking question(s), it may involve gaining experiences; it may involve reading; it may involve prayer; it may involve learning from the example of others; it may involve feeling the needs of others. But for a person of faith, discernment invariably comes down to the question: Is it God who is calling me to this specific challenge?

Although discernment is ultimately a very personal issue, it does also help to share our concerns with others. This sharing can be especially helpful when we find ourselves sharing with others who are going through the same process. In other words, even though discernment is personal, it can be made easier sometimes with the benefit of community. Thats why the welcome mat is always out on the third Friday evening of each month all year round for our Come & See gathering. St. Patricks Basilica kindly offers us their facilities so that we can meet to share friendship, food, and prayer. We meet, rain or shine, so just come. It is interesting to note that of our four current major seminarians, all four found their way to choose the priesthood having been involved in Come & See. We know its Gods call, but its we who must respond. And God makes his will known to those who are truly open to his voice. Is he calling you? Will you be joining these four young men whove made their decision? As you pray and ask Gods help in discerning, would you also find a place in your prayers for Jonathan, Hezuk, Matthew and Matthew?

Msgr. Len Lunney
Director of Vocations
(613) 738-5025