PRESS RELEASE - May 25, 2004


OTTAWA, ONTARIO - On Saturday, May 29, 2004, at 10 a.m., in Notre Dame Cathedral, Sussex Drive, Ottawa, the Most Reverend Marcel Gervais, Archbishop of Ottawa, will ordain Joseph Lin Éveillard to the priesthood. Mr. Éveillard, originally from Haiti, has been residing and studying in Canada since 1996. He will be ordained for the French Sector of the Archdiocese of Ottawa. His parish appointment will be announced within a few weeks.

The ordination ceremony lasts approximately 90 minutes. It begins with the introductory rites of the Mass, various Scripture readings and the calling and presentation of the candidates. Archbishop Gervais will then deliver a homily, a reflection based on the readings and on the call to the priesthood.

The homily is followed by the examination of the candidates and their promise of obedience. The assembly then prays for the candidates by singing the Litany of the Saints, an appeal to the saints of the Church to come to the assistance of the one being ordained. The ritual of ordination concludes with the laying on of hands (an ancient tradition in the Church), the prayer of consecration, the investiture with stole and chasuble (the priestly vestments), the anointing of the hands with oil, the presentation of the vessels which are used in the Mass, and the kiss of peace, where the Archbishop and other priests present greet their newly ordained brother. The celebration then continues with the liturgy of the Eucharist, Communion and the concluding rites and blessing.

The Mass will be followed by a reception in the Cathedral Hall. The newly ordained priest will be available for interviews after the celebration.

For further information: Gilles Ouellette, 738-5025, ext. 238