Thursday, February 22, 2007

Archbishop Gervais Comments on the Divisional Court Decision
Dismissing the Judicial Application Concerning St. Brigids Parish (Ottawa)

On the dismissal by the Divisional Court of the Judicial Application concerning St. Brigids Parish, Archbishop Marcel Gervais made the following comment:

The Divisional Court has affirmed what we believed was the situation: this matter is not an appropriate question for the intervention of the courts. In addition, the court affirmed that we had followed what was required by the Canon Law of the Church. I believe that the Archdiocese has done more than what was required by the Churchs law.

My primary concern is, and always has been, the pastoral care of the people worshipping at St. Brigids. I do regret that some parishioners of St. Brigids felt that they needed to take the step of initiating litigation. I now invite them, and all the parishioners of St. Brigids, to turn towards the future. I restate my intention to seek their advice on their future pastoral care and on the future use of St. Brigids Church.

There will be no further comment by the Archbishop at this time.

Source: Gilles Ouellette, Director of Communications
613-738-5025, ext. 238