Press Release (translation)

Archdiocese of Gatineau-Hull to change its name

Saint Josephs Church becomes the Cathedral

Gatineau, QC- Ever since the city of Gatineau was created the diocese has been in a process of reflection and consultations in order to decide on how to rename the diocese in order to reflect the new reality. Some thought was also given to having two cathedrals St. John Vianney in Gatineau and another in Hull, namely St. Josephs Church.

This issue has been resolved. The Vatican Congregation for Bishops has issued a decree that henceforth the diocese will be called the diocese of Gatineau and St. Josephs church becomes St. Josephs Cathedral.

The new name of the diocese reflects the new reality of an amalgamated city. It is the usual practice that the name of the diocese be that of the city in which the bishop resides. The diocese of Gatineau-Hull had received that designation in 1982 at the time of Bishop Adolphe Proux. He had been the one to move the cathedral from Hull to Gatineau because of the sale of Holy Redeemer Church.

The choice of St. Josephs Church

The choice of a new cathedral was the result of a long process of discussions by a committee that Bishop had assembled for this purpose.

Bishop Ebacher is very grateful to the parish of St. John Vianney for its devotion to the community for the last 23 years, which included some major celebrations, which were held there. The date for the official opening of the new Cathedral has not yet been set.