In Support of Life

An educational project with two vital purposes:

  • to help the sick and dying, and those who care for them, to reflect on difficult end-of- life issues;
  • to help raise everyones awareness about end-of-life issues and the dangerous implications of euthanasia and assisted suicide.


  • A 2 hour workshop model that helps people engage in essential reflection and dialogue about end-of-life issues that includes...
    • An educational dvd that raises the essential questions (click here for sample of the dvd);
    • a facilitators guide for the workshop (click here for the facilitators guide);
    • a participants guide for the workshop (click here for the participants guide)
    • The Canadian Bishops COLF office document, Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Urgent Questions!" (click here for a link to this resource

workshop handouts:

In Support of Life Prayer
Current updates about the debate in Canada
Suggested Resources for Self-Study
Central features of Ottawa-Gatineaus Palliative Care Network
(All of these are available from the Adult Faith development Office, Archdiocese of Ottawa)

Persons with the following expertise are needed to lead the workshop: facilitation, healthcare, moral teachings of the church, knowledge about services available in the community. The We have people with these expertise ready to help where they are needed. This can be arranged through the adult faith development office of the English sector.

Please consider offering this valuable and urgent learning opportunity in your parish community or with members of your organization or movement.

In Support of Life, a video clip with a statement by our Archbishop Marcel Gervais.

Please note that in order to view the movie you will need the Apple Quicktime player. The player is available free for downloading here. The movie will download first and then start playing automatically. Accordingly, users with a dial-up or slow connection to the internet, please be patient.

For further information:

Carol Kuzmochka, co-ordinator adult faith development and leadership formation, English sector
Archdiocese of Ottawa
(613)738-5025 (x251)
email: [email protected]