N. Prot. D. 08 / 2007


Greetings in Our Lord

To all those who will read these letters, we wish to inform them of the following:

Saint Brigid's Parish was canonically established on December 3, 1889, by the Most Rev. Joseph Thomas Duhamel, Archbishop of Ottawa.

By decree N. Prot. D. 07/2007 dated September 14, 2007, We issued a decree determining that St. Brigids Parish no longer exists as a parish. This decree takes effect after the last Eucharist celebrated in the Parish church, Sunday, September 16, 2007.

It is not expedient to undertake the repairs that would be required to bring the church building up to code standards and render it suitable for public use as a place of worship because responsible stewardship of limited funds would call for their use in other forms of ministry and pastoral outreach.

Without the repairs, the building would continue to deteriorate and, in the near future, would not be suitable for Divine Worship and would therefore stand empty. This situation would be both unseemly and unsuitable, given the present character and designation of the building. For this reason, arrangements are being made to sell St. Brigid's church to an Irish community group to be used as an Irish Canadian Cultural Centre.

In view of these circumstances, and the appropriate consultations having been carried out and any required consents obtained from the College of Consultors and the Archdiocesan Finance Council, in accordance with the provisions of canon 1222, par. 2, We, the undersigned, Archbishop of Ottawa, hereby decree that Saint Brigid's church in the city of Ottawa, is canonically closed and no longer designated as a place for Divine Worship.

We authorize that the church building and rectory be sold, once the Blessed Sacrament and the moveable sacred vessels and liturgical vestments have been removed. Appropriate arrangements will be made regarding the custody of artistic works and other items having cultural value that are removed from the building.

For all other matters, the provisions of the Code of Canon Law will be observed.

This decree takes effect, Sunday, September 16th, 2007 after the last celebration of the Eucharist in the church.

This Decree shall be promulgated by making it known at an appropriate time in St. Brigid's parish church.

Given at Ottawa at the Metropolitan Curia, under our sign and seal and countersign of our Chancellor, on the fourteenth day of the month of September in the year of Our Lord two thousand and seven.

+ Terrence Prendergast, S.J.
Archbishop of Ottawa

Fr. Doris Laplante, C.Ss.R.

c.c. Saint Brigid Parish
Diocesan Administration